TDF Talks With Artist & Designer Rachel Castle


Recording our latest podcast took me to Sydney, where I got to make another visit to the Internet-breakingly beautiful home of artist and designer !

Rachel’s distinctive, cheerful range of bed linen, soft furnishings, and original artworks have been a firm favourite of Btslive readers since our earliest days!

Here, we chat with Rachel about finding a balance between making art and designing products, the importance of processing information before acting impulsively, and why she’s intent on staying small.


6th September, 2018

Photo – for Btslive.

Photo – for Btslive.

Photo – for Btslive.

Inside Rachel’s Northbridge home. Photo – for Btslive.

grew up in country Victoria and originally studied PR at RMIT, before moving to the UK for work. A change of pace came after she had children and returned to Australia. Craving an outlet for her creativity, she began making embroideries and artworks for friends, and started designing products. Before long, her much-loved brand ‘Castle’ was born.

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Lucy Feagins
Thursday 6th September 2018

Notes + Links

I had the pleasure of recording this podcast with Rachel at her beautiful home (which we featured earlier this year) in Northbridge, Sydney.

After studying PR at RMIT in Melbourne, Rachel worked at locally, before moving to the UK and taking up a job at .

Following this, she co-founded The Nest branding agency, and later return to Australia where she launched her own brand of bed linen, soft furnishings and original artwork: .

You can follow Rachel’s Instagram account .

A few years ago we also ran an Extraordinary Routines feature with the busy, mother and creative entrepreneur.

This was our 14th podcast (wow!!), you can listen to some more episodes here.

Thanks for listening!

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