The Schiavello's Grand Homestead In The Goulburn Murray


Today we visit a swoon-worthy 400-hectare property located in Molesworth, in the Upper Goulburn wine region of Central Victoria.

This impressive homestead is a country retreat for the Schiavello family – specifically, Peter and Natalie Schiavello (Peter is CEO of notable Australian furniture design, construction and property, ) as well as Anton Schiavello (Design & Marketing Director of the furniture business) and Bonnie, Anton’s wife and Marketing Manager. This movie-set style homestead is a country getaway for the entire family.

21st March, 2018

The Schiavello family’s vast farm property in rural Victoria, frequented by Anton and Bonnie Schiavello and Anton’s father and stepmother, Peter and Natalie Schiavello. Photo – .

‘In the new lounge the architecture and ceiling were modelled off the existing design, where an A-frame draws your eyes towards the surrounding windows, looking out onto the gardens and Mt. Concord,’ explains Bonnie. Photo – .

An original Vladimir Tretchikoff ‘Balinese Girl’ print from the 1950s, which Bonnie gifted Anton for his birthday. Photo – ..

The homestead was originally designed by the office of Walter Burley Griffin, and built in 1926. Renovations were carried out by the Schiavello family in 2010. Photo – .

The new extensions to the original homestead included the kitchen and living area, dining area, cellar and an indoor garage. Tasmanian Oak floorboards and ornamental wall and ceiling features were also modelled off the original homestead. Photo – .

‘The new windows, joinery (wardrobes, door handles, mantles), and red brick fireplaces were treated with the same colour palette, aesthetic and materials that were included in the original build in 1926’, says Bonnie. Photo – .

One of the homestead bedrooms. Photo – .

One of the homestead bedrooms. Photo – .

‘The furniture pieces and artwork throughout the homestead is an eclectic mix of furniture that Anton grew up with as a child,’ explains Bonnie. These include Schiavello designed and made pieces, and also second hand pieces the family has collected from local markets over the years. Photo – .

Bonnie and Anton Schiavello in the open plan kitchen – the pair love to getaway to the country whenever possible. Photo – .

Bonnie Schiavello in the newly added living area. Photo – .

The 400-hectare property is located in Molesworth, in the Upper Goulburn wine region of Central Victoria’s Goulburn Murray. Photo – .

In the early 2000s, Anton’s father Peter sought out a country proprty an hour or two from the city, intended as a place the family could enjoy the outdoors. Photo – .

Photography – Cailtlin Mills.

Lucy Feagins
Wednesday 21st March 2018

The Schiavello family purchased this impressive property in Central Victoria in 2006, and undertook significant renovations in 2010.

Originally designed by the office of Walter Burley Griffin and built in 1926, the home is a sprawling Victorian homestead, flanked by the truly cinematic scenery! Four years after purchasing the property, Peter and Natalie were keen to update the home, and so carried out sympathetic renovations. The kitchen and living area were updated, as well as the dining area. It was of utmost importance to the family to respect the existing structure, and be informed by the original features throughout the new extension.

New windows, joinery and red brick fireplaces were treated with the same colour palette as the original building, utilising materials consistent with the original home. Tasmanian Oak floorboards and ornamental wall and ceiling features were also modelled on the original homestead. A new extension, including a modernised kitchen with marble and stainless steel details were added.

The new extension was modelled on the existing home, with A-frame ceilings and dramatic windows drawing the eye out to the rolling hills, vineyard and Mt. Concord beyond. ‘The vineyard and gardens was an important feature, allowing us to feel connected with the outdoors whenever we are inside,’ says Bonnie, Peter’s daughter-in-law. The original wrap-around veranda was reinstated, and continued through the new extension, with the addition of in an outdoor fireplace for cooler nights in winter. The family’s passion for great food and wine also inspired the addition of an underground, naturally cooled wine cellar beneath the property!

At the heart of the home sits an extendable dining table, made from solid oak, which, when extended, sits 26 people!  This table was designed by Peter to accommodate the generous family dinners often hosted here – a glass of wine and homemade pasta is a popular occurrence (And our crew were extended this same generosity on shoot day, too!).

The property also includes a functioning vineyard, Gioiello Estate, which recognises the past generations of the Schiavello family who worked a property named Gioiello, or ‘the Jewel’ in Italian. Planted between 1987 and 1996, it accounts for just under nine-hectares of the property.

For Anton and Bonnie Schiavello, second-generation custodians of this incredible home, the family homestead provides respite from busy city life. ‘Living in Fitzroy throughout the week, Anton and I love to spend our time here on weekends. We love connecting with the outdoors, and going back to basics,’ says Bonnie. Indeed, with both Peter, Anton and the rest of the family now based in inner-city Melbourne, this country retreat represents a connection to nature, home-grown food and excellent wine – passions which continue to pass through each generation of the Schiavello family.

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This country retreat represents a connection to nature, home-grown food and excellent wine.

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