A Mid-Century Gem On Geelong’s ‘Golden Mile'

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You might feel that we ‘love’ and ‘get excited’ about pretty much everything (c’mon, there’s just so much good stuff happening!). But we really are HUGE fans of  (MA).

The passion project of devoted enthusiasts Patricia Callan and Pete Bakacs, this much-loved website is all about raising the profile of mid-century design and modernist principles across Australia.

We’re thrilled to welcome Patricia and Pete as our newest columnists. Each month, they will be sharing a special home that has caught their discerning eye(s). Enjoy some real-estate dreaming on us!

2nd March, 2018

We’re teaming up with legends at Modernist Australia. Photo – courtesy of .

They’ll be sharing one of their favourite finds on TDF each month! Photo – courtesy of .

First up, they welcome you inside 4 Kerrimuir Street in Hamlyn Heights, Victoria – aka Geelong’s golden mile of mid-century abodes. Photo – courtesy of .

This gem is up for auction! Photo – courtesy of .

New TDF columnists and the legends behind Modernist Australia Patricia Callan and Pete Bakacs, pictured at their home in Ocean Grove. Photo – .

The home has led a fairytale existence, particularly in the last few years, tells Patricia. Photo – courtesy of .

Praise to Peter Woolard at for his careful restoration. Photo – courtesy of .

If you’re seeking inspiration on restoring your own MCM pad, look no further! Photo – courtesy of .

Photography – courtesy of .

Patricia Callan and Pete Bakacs
Friday 2nd March 2018

What was once a hushed secret, Kerrimuir Street in Geelong’s northern suburbs has fast become  of . So it was with baited breath that we waited for this house, at number 4, to be listed (we had received the inside scoop from the rightfully proud, mid-century modern loving agent).

Now we get to present this crown jewel to TDF readers (we posted about it once before on Modernist Australia in 2012, but that’s now lost in the ether of our archives).

What we have ultimately discovered is a fairytale applicable to any domestic MCM house in Australia – should it ever be as fortunate as this one! From a loved but worn family home of middle age to a doleful, tired rental in 2008, 4 Kerrimuir Street was just barely gussied up for sale in 2012. The home was bought, remodelled and refurbished by the most insightful, restrained and loving hand, and is now finally re-entering the market in 2018 as a dazzling triumph!

We can offer nothing but rousing huzzahs and admiration to Peter Woolard at  for this lesson in securing a lovely, humble MCM possibility into a brilliant future.

So many of our dear readers us seeking advice on how to renovate and restore their own recent MCM purchases. And all we can say is: look at this, for this is indeed how it’s done.

View the listing , and original MA article .

Run by Patricia Callan and Pete Bakacs, Modernist Australia is the passion-project/website dedicated to raising the profile of mid-century design and modernist principles in Australia. For more swell eye-candy, visit .

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