Top Ten Homes of 2017 · James Tutton

Top Ten Homes of 2017

In keeping with our annual tradition, over the Christmas and New Year period we’ll be posting the TOP TEN Australian Homes of 2017!

We’re kicking the series off today with the truly spectacular Victorian home of Melbourne entrepreneur James Tutton, elegantly updated by architects. Total dream house material!


25th December, 2017

James Tutton’s two-storey Victorian mansionette in Coburg, built in 1890. Photo – . Production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

The main lounge area featuring chair from , marble coffee table by , drum from Byron Bay, Melinda Harper artwork, David Rosetzky photography from Sutton Gallery and Remi record – James is a fan! Photo – . Production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Dining table by and chairs. ‘I think it’s a versatile space, it’s quite informal and in immediate proximity to the kitchen, so it works as a family area and large dinner space,’ details James. Photo – . Production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

The open-plan lounge from the kitchen and dining area. The design integrates the front garden and the rear (north-facing garden and swimming pool) providing cross ventilation and natural light. Photo – . Production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Together with architect Clare Cousins, James has modernised the interiors (painted here in Dulux Whisper White), although the original stained-glass windows remain. Artwork by from and Buddha sculpture purchased in a garage sale. ‘I’ve had an ongoing fascination with things Buddhist, and that has hung around my home for the last 20 years,’ says James. Photo – . Production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

James Tutton pictured on the upstairs landing of his Coburg home. Photo – . Production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Lucy Feagins
Monday 25th December 2017

In May this year we profiled an extra special Melbourne home – a grand Victorian mansion in Coburg, belonging to entrepreneur James Tutton.

With great respect for the existing heritage of the building, architect  conceived a bold, contemporary update – re-designing the kitchen and bathrooms, and softening the interiors with lime-washed floors and a muted palette of blues, greens and soft pinks.

Though impressive in scale and finish, and surprisingly brave in its use of colour, the interiors here feel relaxed and understated. ‘It’s quite soft and worn, not as in worn out, but you don’t see shiny glossy surfaces here’ James muses. ‘I just kind of wanted to build a home that was reasonably relaxed,’ he explains.

For the full story and many more photos of this beautiful home, do pop back and visit the original post!



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