'Matter Monumental' Meets 'Monumetal Love'

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We often hear artists gush on the merits of cross-disciplinary collaboration, and the joy of meeting another creative who mirrors one’s more obscure inspirations.

The current showcase at in Melbourne, is all this – exhibitions ‘‘ and ‘‘ bring together two passionate local makers, who share a preoccupation for exploring Brutalist architecture, geology, and natural vs man-made evolution.

26th October, 2017

Artist and jeweller ‘s installation for ‘Matter Monumental’ and ‘Monumental Love’ currently on display at in Melbourne.  Photo – .

Rings from Kim’s new 12-piece collection. Photo –  for .

A sculpture by Melanie, ‘Minor Urban Monument 5’. Photo –  for .

‘Minor Urban Monument 7’. Photo –  for .

‘This partnership has been particularly rewarding because it’s been an exhibition of both of our individual practices but also a collaboration,’ explained Melanie, highlighting the similarity of their inspirations and aesthetics. Photo – .

‘The manipulation of matter through both man-made intervention and naturally occurring forces is demonstrated in this series of monumental sculptures,’ says Melanie. Photo –  for .

Photography – Andrew Barcham for Pieces of Eight Gallery, and Jacqui Shelton.

Elle Murrell
Thursday 26th October 2017

and ‘’ are two distinct, yet intertwined bodies of work, by artist and local jeweller . These two likeminded creatives have joined forces for a unique exhibition, on now at .

‘My sculptural practice can have a very precious and jewel like quality, and Kim’s jewels are often very sculptural in their construction’ explains Melanie. ‘We were really interested in the dialogue between our practices’.

A VCA Sculpture and Spatial practice graduate, Melanie experiments with a wide range of cement, plasters, ceramics and timbers. ‘I am always interested in ways that materials can be manipulated to achieve new forms and finishes,’ says the creative, describing her practice as ‘a feeling of alchemy’.

Kim has a more measured, meticulous practice. An RMIT alumni, she studied Interior Design and later Fine Arts, before taking up silversmithing. Today, the established jeweller is based at (and runs!) Real Job Studios in Brunswick East, which houses several other jewellers and designers.

Bringing together 20 unique sculptural pieces by Melanie, 12 precious rings by Kim, and a collaborative installation the exhibition draws inspiration from the sleek, hard lines of brutalist architecture, as well as demolished building fragments, and geological forms.

‘‘ by Melanie Upton
and ‘‘ by Kim Victoria
October 5th to 28th
Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place, Melbourne

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