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Studio Visit

This morning we feature an exceptional Melbourne-based ceramicist. handcrafts her wares in her home studio and works with retailers and restaurants throughout Australia, all the while studying her way through year nine at Secondary School!

The 14-year-old took us through her workspace and showcased some of her latest pieces.

14th September, 2017

Ceramics by Lulu Liberman of . Photo – for Btslive.

The ceramicist – not your average 14-year-old! Photo – for Btslive.

Trees, moons and stars are common motifs on her pieces. Photo – for Btslive.

Working with clay transports my mind to a far away place, and the warmth I feel when people love my work and encourage me to keep creating brings me so much happiness,’ Lulu tells. Photo – for Btslive.

The main materials she works with include porcelain, stoneware, glazes, gold lustre and wooden stamps. Photo – for Btslive.

The young creative also likes to experiment, and many of the details on her pieces are inspired by nature. Photo – for Btslive.

It took lots of time, working through some frustrations, and a lot of patience at the beginning. However, I had fallen in love with ceramics,’ Lulu recalls. Photo – for Btslive.

Lulu will often stamp, carve or paint nature-inspired details onto her designs. Photo – for Btslive.

Photography – Caitlin Mills.

Elle Murrell
Thursday 14th September 2017

While is among the youngest makers we’ve featured on this site, her carefully crafted wares deserve a mention in their own right. Currently in year nine at Secondary School, Lulu first turned her hand to make ceramics when she was just eight years old.

Lulu clearly recalls the day when she and her mother, a jewellery designer, walked past a beautiful ceramic studio in the heart of Neve Tzedek, a neighbourhood of Tel Aviv in which they were living at the time. ‘Straight away I knew ceramics was something I was interested in. As we walked into the studio, a warm-hearted lady named Liza introduced herself, and for the next three months, I learned the art of ceramics making and felt deeply passionate about the new art form I had discovered,’ tells the young creative, who has been working on the wheel ever since that first lesson with Liza in 2011.

Moving back to Melbourne, Lulu’s mum helped her set up a little studio in the back garden of their home (which is, as it happens, the iconic Bridge House by revered mid-century architect Robin Boyd!). Here, Lulu throws on the wheel, and also does some hand building and sculpture work, before firing. ‘My favourite technique is incorporating two different clay bodies to create a marbled effect,’ Lulu explains. ‘When marbling clays, the possibilities are endless’.

Along with her Tel Aviv training, Lulu’s wares also bear a Japanese influence, from her participation in a short course in the country two years ago. The main materials she works with include porcelain, stoneware, glazes, gold lustre and wooden stamps. The young creative relishes experimenting, and many of the details on her pieces are inspired by nature – she’ll often carve or paint trees, while moons and stars are other common motifs.

Impressively, Lulu handles sales from her studio and is currently stocked in several retail stores in Victoria and in Perth. The savvy young maker has also created custom ceramics for a number of restaurants. 

Lulu speaks of her mother as a pillar of support and is grateful for the endless encouragement. ‘Mum believes that being creative is very grounding, especially for my generation where everything moves at such a fast pace, consumed with technology and social media,’ explains Lulu.

It’s no surprise that this incredible year nine student’s favourite subjects are ‘all forms of art’ along with history and science. ‘After school, I would love to travel and hopefully work in a creative field like fashion or design, and maybe even do a ceramics internship in Tokyo!’ says Lulu. We’re sure the sky’s the limit!

Lulu Liberman’s Instagram is the main platform where people can view more of her ceramics, and get in touch.

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