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Let me preface this post by saying, I really couldn’t care less about GOLF.  No real reason, it just seems kinda… slow!? And old-fashioned, and ah… male-dominated?

is out to change all those preconceptions. Founded by young Melbourne photographer and passionate golfer , this beautifully designed publication is a golf magazine like no other.

1st September, 2017

Volume Two of , an independent publication that captures the rare and authentic stories for, from and surrounding the world of golf.  Magazine cover photo by Andrew Quilty, photo of mag – for Btslive.

Photo – courtesy of .

Photo – courtesy of .

Photo – courtesy of .

Spread from a Caddie, feature ‘Golf on Top of the World: Himalayan Golf Course, Pokhara’ with photography by and Sam Cooke. Photo of mag – for Btslive.

Photo – courtesy of .

From the feature ‘Golf on the Edge’ shot at Cape Kidnappers Golf Course in New Zealand by photographer and Caddie Magazine founder William Watt – who also wrote the feature!! Photo – for Btslive.

Photo – courtesy of .

More from Andrew Quilty’s feature and photography ‘ Golf in a War Zone’. Clockwise from left: Golfers watch on at the 9th hole tee; Jawad and Ali celebrate after winning a playoff hole following . atied game of best ball; A boy, en route to nearby park grounds popular with families on weekends, where he sells baked snacks and greets friends; and Jawad (centre) one of Afghanistan’s top golfers, who says he has a handicap of 8, with Mohammad Afzar Abdul, the Kabul Gold Club’s longtime pro (right) at a tee. Photo of mag – for Btslive.

The morning sun pours over the rugged, enticing landscape. You can see why one might have dreamt about putting a golf course here,’ writes William Watt, who also took this photograph of Cape Kidnappers Golf Course in New Zealand. Photo of mag – for Btslive.

Photo – courtesy of .

The visual feast that is Caddie Magazine, even includes this archival photograph by Stanley Evans, who was a British scientist who worked with the Royal Society’s Antarctic Expedition between 1955-1957. Photo of mag – for Btslive.

Photography – Amelia Stanwix and courtesy of Caddie Magazine.

Lucy Feagins
Friday 1st September 2017

 is the creation of Melbourne photographer and passionate golfer . After running a daily blog for about five years, and working as a versatile graphic designer for a hospitality company, when the idea for Caddie  came to him, William found himself perfectly placed to bring this ambitious idea to life.

Having been an ‘average’ player for about 15 years, William made a decision to give golf a ‘proper go’ in 2014. The more he played, the more he loved it, and it wasn’t long before he found himself consumed by the sport, which included reading every magazine there was on the subject. ‘I was buying the various magazines out there, like Golf Digest etc, and I found they could only hold my attention for about 10 minutes before being discarded.’ William recalls. Then, while travelling through Berlin, he went to the famous mag store ‘Do you read me?’ and was inspired by the incredible independent magazines from all over the world on every topic imaginable. ‘Why couldn’t golf, a game with such a global reach and eclectic community, have something of this standard?’ he wondered.

Later that summer, whilst chatting with one of his eventual co-founders, Jane Knight, about her experience getting into golf, William realised how male-dominated golf can be. ‘When buying a new set of clubs, Jane was asked several times if they were a gift for her father or husband… That didn’t make sense to me – it’s a game for everyone, any age, skill level, gender, whatever.’

Together with Jane, a mate from his street photography days , and school friend and amazing writer , Caddie’s first print issue was launched in 2015, offering a fresh, editorial and non-gendered approach to the game.

‘As a starting point’ William explains, ‘we want each volume to be a truly great read’. To this end, the photography, print quality, design but most importantly the storytelling is utterly compelling. ‘My focus initially was very much on the aesthetic we were trying to create. But I’ve learnt through conversations and constant feedback that it’s the stories that bring people back for second and third reads’ William says.

Case in point – the latest issue includes words and pictures by Walkley award-winning Australian war photographer Andrew Quilty, documenting the golfing scene in Kabul, Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. Now THAT’S a story worth telling.

Caddie Magazine is biannual, with releases on June 1st and December 1st. Subscribe (The perfect last minute gift idea for Dad!), or buy at stockists listed .

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