Perfect Pairings · Blue and Sweet


This afternoon we’re back with our third course of cheese and wine, courtesy of  wine expert Peter Nixon, and cheesemonger Laura Lown from Melbourne fromagerie .

UK-born Peter boasts 24 years+ of experience in the wine and hospitality industry, while his fellow countrywoman Laura has been sharing her expertise on cheese for more than 12 years. Without a doubt we learned a thing, (or 10!) as they took us through pairing blue cheese with locally sourced sweet muscat wines.

18th July, 2017

The perfect pairing of blue cheese and muscat wines, with their distinctive sweet, perfumed aroma. Here we have Queso Valdeon and Crozier Blucheeses from , with  and  from . Production – Lucy Feagins/ Btslive, styling – , and photo – .

Flavour-packed tasting plate featuring Queso Valdeon blue cheese from , accompanied by  from . Props: Tulip tall medium wine glass by , Flip Flop plate by , and Cutipol black knife from  Production – Lucy Feagins/ Btslive, styling – , and photo – 

 from  and Queso Valdeon blue cheese from  in all its glory. Props: Tulip tall medium wine glass by , Blackline chopping board by  and Cutipol black knife from  Production – Lucy Feagins/ Btslive, styling – , and photo – 

Peter Nixon and Laura Lown
Tuesday 18th July 2017

Below our experts have matched Queso Valdeon semi-hard blue cheese and a soft variety, Crozier Blue, with  and .


Queso Valdeon ($12.00 per 100g)

This semi-hard blue is produced in the mountainous Northwest region of Leon, in high humidity mountain caves for three to four months in order for the blue mould to proliferate. The cheeses are wrapped in Sycamore leaves, this was traditionally done to preserve the cheese as it matured, and as it made its long journey down the mountain to the rest of the villagers. With a soft, granular texture and pale-yellow colour, it’s full of small cavities filled with blue moulds. Valdeon is delightfully strong and spicy.

Crozier Blue ($12 per 100g)

A soft blue made from Friesland sheep’s milk in Ireland, this cheese is distinctly rich with a creamy texture, offset by a touch of spice. The cheese has won numerous awards for its complexity and uniqueness. The milk is brought down the hour-and-a-half-long road to the Cashel dairy two or three times a week, however, Crozier Blue is made seasonally, as the sheep are not producing milk all year round.


The reality is, when entertaining, most of us like to offer a generous selection of cheeses. Finding a table wine versatile enough to suit is not easy. A better choice is the ‘contrast’ option, finding a rich style that will stand-up to the strongest of cheeses, including blue cheese, effectively resetting the palate. Australia’s national treasure: Rutherglen Muscat is hard to beat. Tasting like liquid quince paste (the cheese board essential) this wine style is impossibly delicious and the perfect (and unexpected) crowd-pleaser.


Icons of Rutherglen, Morris have been producing some of the worlds finest fortified wines for over 150 years now. Their Rare Liqueur Muscat is rich and viscous with memorising palate density. The perfect partner to rich desserts and powerful cheese platters.


From one of Rutherglen’s best producers, this award-winning Muscat is terrific value. It shows characters of caramel, toffee, hazelnuts and brown sugar.

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