Today is a special one. I am super excited to launch a new project, and one which feels kinda like a big deal!

Goods. is our very own range of locally made homewares, created in collaboration with local design studio . For our debut collection, we’ve partnered with Melbourne artist to create a stunning range of soft furnishings and ceramics using rich colour and dense, painterly prints.

31st October, 2016

, Bonnie Ashley of , and Lucy Feagins (me) in Bonnie and Neil’s Brunswick workshop! Photo –  for Btslive.

From left – Bonnie cushion, Lizzie cushion, Fig tablecloth. Photo –  for Btslive.

 hand painting the ceramics at . Photo –  for Btslive.

Kate Gordon of  assists us in custom painting the ceramics. Photo –  for Btslive.

Goods. x Elizabeth Barnett handpainted ceramics and screen printed table linen. Photo –  for Btslive.

hand painting the ceramics at . Photo –  for Btslive.

Goods. x Elizabeth Barnett handpainted ceramics and screen printed table linen. Flowers by . Photo –  for Btslive.

Goods. X   cushions, from top – Lucy cushion, Annie cushion (green reverse side), Fig tablecloth, Beatty cushion. Photo –  for Btslive.

Goods. X   cushions – in the front on floor, Lucy cushion. On chair – Annie cushion (back) and Beatty cushion (front). Flowers by . Photo –  for Btslive.

Goods. X  ! A new homewares collection from us (Btslive!) in collaboration with , and Melbourne artist Elizabeth Barnett. Back row, from left – Annie cushion (green reverse side pictured), Lucy cushion, Bonnie cushion (fig leaf design) and Annie cushion (front side). Long cushion in front is the Lizzie cushion (reverse side pictured). Photo –  for Btslive.

Screenprinting cushions  in Bonnie and Neil’s Brunswick workshop! Photo –  for Btslive.

Bonnie and me looking at print samples in Bonnie’s Brunswick workshop. Photo –  for Btslive.

Lucy Feagins
Monday 31st October 2016

SO excited to launch this one, guys. SO. EXCITED.

Goods. is our very own range of locally made homewares, brought to life with some of my favourite local creative people.

After featuring the work of so many talented Australian creatives over so many years, it seems inevitable that we have finally created our very own product range! It’s been AMAZING to work alongside Bonnie Ashley of to make this project a reality. And it’s been dream come true to partner with , who I admire so much, for our debut collection. We also worked closely with the wonderful team at  to produce the handpainted ceramics!

WATCH THE VIDEO below for a little snapshot of the making of this range!


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