Simone and Rhys Haag


27th March, 2013
Lucy Feagins
Wednesday 27th March 2013

The amazing Melbourne home of Simone and Rhys Haag!  Dining table is ‘Table 12’ by Hay from Corporate Culture, dining chairs are ‘Neve’ by Poro from Space, hanging light is a ‘Disc pendant’ by Toss B from Hub, print is by Ellie Malin from Modern Times, Marigold Rug on the floor by Armadillo & Co.  Timber panelling painted in Dulux natural white.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Looking from Kitchen to front door / entry.  Smeg fridge, cloak cupboard on right hand side, 60’s Swedish rug – Simone’s latest and greatest vintage purchase!  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Amazingly, the modular String System shelving from Great Dane Furniture fitted perfectly along one wall in the kitchen, and provides ample storage without adding too much chunk. It houses Simone’s random assortment of ceramics, leather radio, bits and pieces. Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Today’s home is particularly special.  I have been hunting it like some kind of stealth stake-out for over a year!  When homes are this cute, you have no idea how hard it is to get them.  Beautiful homes are always in hot demand – and often the prettiest ones will go to Magazine-land before us lowly bloggers can get our hands on them!

So, with all this in mind, I have to say I am pretty chuffed today to finally share this stunning home in Melbourne’s Eastern suburb of Ringwood!  It is such a beauty! Affectionately nick named ‘The Log Cabin’, this lovingly renovated 1970’s timber home belongs to and Rhys Haag, who share the space with their larger-than-life rescue dog, Tank (a Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound).

Like some kind of dynamic duo from The Block All Stars, newlyweds Rhys and Simone spent just 3 months turning their kooky 3-bedroom home into Scandi-styled perfection!  That has got to be a home renovation record!   These guys seriously know how to GET THINGS DONE.  It’s not too surprising though, given Rhys is a construction manager, whilst Simone works for interior design studio , looking after communications, and heading up the decor and styling department.  I’d definitely call that an unfair advantage!

The home was quite dark and run down, and in dire need of an update when Simone and Rhys settled on the property in June 2011.  But Simone could see the potential here, and with the expert guidance of her employers Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie from revered Melbourne design firm , a clever re-furbishment was planned.

The goal was to lighten the space significantly, and give it a relaxed, Scandinavian feel.  The entire house was repainted, inside and out (some rooms needed 5 coats of white!).  Both the kitchen and bathroom were gutted and redesigned.  New flooring was laid throughout – the main living and dining areas were softened with Austrian Larch flooring from Mafi, whilst bedrooms were finished with cosy wool carpet and additional white timber panelling to match the original walls in the living area.  A ‘semi ensuite’ off the master bedroom was converted into a beautiful robe / dressing room (so clever – it really opens up the room!), and new lighting was installed throughout.

As a city girl whose previous home was a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, it’s taken Simone a little while to grow accustomed to this space, and to the evening stillness of the surrounding neighbourhood.  She now loves the feeling of calm here, the forest at the end of the street, and the roaring open fire in winter!  There’s also a real connection with nature, as the home is perched high on an elevated block, looking East towards the Dandenong ranges.

As is probably obvious by the picture-perfect styling here, Simone is an incredible fossicker / finder / hunter / gatherer of all manner of beautiful home accessories and knick knacks – she knows where all the best designer goodness is found, both online and in stores, and can sniff out a collectible vintage ceramic item in any dodgy op shop at 50 paces!  She also has her own which would welcome any new visitors today! And of course don’t forget to keep abreast of all Hecker Guthrie’s AMAZING work on !  They are total geniuses.

We are so thrilled to share this very special Melbourne home with you today!  Thankyou all!


Looking back into dining room, dining table is ‘Table 12’ by Hay from Corporate Culture, dining chairs are ‘Neve’ by Poro from Space, hanging light is a ‘Disc pendant’ by Toss B from Hub, and Danish Oak cabinet by Borge Mogensen from Angelucci. Austrian larch floor by Mafi. Timber panelling painted in Dulux natural white.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

‘I love these Derek Smith ceramics given to me by Paul Hecker – they sum up the entire palette, feel and sensibility of our home’ says Simone.  Japanese bowls from Luke Furniture, Vase from Twenty21.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Kitchen details.  The oven nook was originally where the fridge was – much better arrangement with the beautiful freestanding cooker taking pride of place!  Pantry door to the right hand side.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Kitchen details.  Salt container from op shop, Trudy Fry vintage ceramic plate from eBay, enamel pot from Cibi.  Simone has a knack for finding these hidden treasures…! Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Christine White painting ‘Retreat IV’, lamp from Space and Tray Top Table by Hay from Corporate Culture. Looking into kitchen – Smeg oven, glazed brick tiles, rug from Armadillo. Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Looking into living room from kitchen / dining. Jardan Wilfred sofa, Halcyon lake rug, Cappelini table, Carl Hansen wing chair, Fycus Lyrata plants, Hammock on deck. Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Halcyon Lake wool rug, knitted ottoman, Ikea cabinet, Established and Sons Fold Lamp, a selection of glass and brass objects, C.Jere sculpture (on the wall) which Simone found in the USA and shipped home very carefully!  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Normann Copenhagen shelf, Log chair by Atelano, Rhys’s Ozzie Wright surfboard, Font Clock by Established and Sons, design books a-plenty!  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Master bedroom, artwork, entitled ‘The Fire and the Tree Quill’ by Rebekah Stuart, bedside tables are vintage Hans Wegner, Italian linen bed linen and wool rug.  Timber wall lining added by Simone and Rhys, wall lights sourced from Germany.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Looking into Master Bedroom from hallway. Timber door handles from Germany. Curtains made by Bloom Bespoke.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Walk in robe, that used to be the ‘semi ensuite’. Kate Sylvester stool, leather door handles.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Study. Chair by Hay from Corporate Culture. ‘The guitar that never gets played!’ says Simone!  Jielde lamp.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Guest room. Throw from ACE Hotel Palm Springs, Ikea lamp.  Walls painted in Dulux Pipe Clay.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Bathroom detail.  Stanley Ruiz mirror, lamp sourced from Germany, collectable ceramics from Royal Copenhagen.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

Simone Haag poses (bashfully!) for us!   Mark Tuckey egg cup stool, Neve chairs by Poro, pastel coloured kilim cushions, Log chair in back ground, along with Normann Copenhagen shelf.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

View from Simone’s front balcony to the Dandenong ranges.  Photo – , production – Lucy Feagins / Btslive.

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