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22nd March, 2011
Lucy Feagins
Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Fabric wall stickers by Australian designers !  This is ''.

proves that wall stickers can even be cute for GROWN-UPS.  (Use sparingly)

These designs really are screaming out for a mention in Frankie Magazine, aren't they?  Especially the gorgeous vintage hankie inspired designs... which actually remind me of a certain someone's very special .

OK OK I know what y'all are thinking.  You're thinking 'Oh my GOD I cannot believe there are WALL STICKERS on Btslive today... yawn, boring, I'm heading off to some other design blog because Lucy is totally losing her marbles'.

I totally hear you, because I get a submission about wall decals almost daily, and let me assure you, I, too, am completely over them.  Usually.  But I'm telling you, these ones from Australian company are totally AMAZING!

They're made from fabric!  They're 100% re-usable!  They will not damage your walls!  They're the CUTEST designs I have ever seen - even the boys designs are SO SO cute!  And the best bit - they're designed and made in Australia!

- Fab designs even for boys!

I hope you are now convinced that really do produce the be-all and end-all of wall stickers!   Now I promise never to blog wall stickers ever again.

ps) BTW, didn't send me a submission, I stumbled across their stunning designs in a brilliant toyshop in Hobart, soon to be featured in my upcoming Hobart shopping guide. Stay tuned!

Truly, these pics don't even do them justice, the fabrics are so pretty in reality...
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