First things first - Guest Blog, and Saturday in Design Photo Galleries!


9th August, 2010
Lucy Feagins
Monday 9th August 2010

- / Pop-Up showroom in Richmond!

SID Jardan / Richmond Lighting showroom interior - beautiful!

Ooh la la it is a day of firsts today at Btslive...!  Monday morning's scheduled post will pop up at 6.30am, but before that happens I thought I would first introduce a couple of fun new features launching on the site today.

ONE brand new thing to check out today is Btslive first ever guest blog!!  Yippeee!  If you click the 'guest blog' tab up top (or you can click right here) you will see a post from TDF's inaugural guest blogger, Melbourne-based stationery guru Scott Druce from !  Scott recently travelled to Korea on a buying trip, and caught up with some of Korea's best stationery designers and (aka MMMG)!  This week Scott will update the guest blog each day with highlights from his time in Seoul... don't forget to pop by each day and see what he's up to!

Scott Druce's highlights from Seoul, on the guest blog all week!

ANOTHER new thing is that the Photo Galleries page has been updated with lots of delicious pics from the weekend!  Instead of posting zillions of pics here, events like this will be blogged using the photo galleries from now on!  Phew!  Thank goodness for thumbnails.

As usual was a brilliant, super busy day.  I must say after my Milan trip earlier this year, I now realise that SID is perhaps the closest thing we have to the open showrooms at Zona Tortona during Milan design week.  Sure it's on a teeny tiny scale, Melbourne style... but we don't scrub up too badly!  For me the absolute best showroom this year was Pop-up in Balmain st Richmond, shared with .  GORGEOUS building, perfect styling, and the best Australian-made couches money can buy.  (And they're seriously not even that expensive.)

/ Pop-Up

Jardan Jardan.  Jeepers I want that Nook sofa SO BAD.

Another highlight was Keith Melbourne's stunning 'I Do' light collection from, exhibited at the showroom in Fitzroy.  These lamps are such an elegant, sleek aluminium design, but the real winner is the unique LED technology - Mr Melbourne (!!) has devised a brilliant system where the LED truly seems to glow from an almost invisible lightsource.  There are no visible 'dots' of light (as you might normally expect  with LED lighting)... it's just a seamless and surprisingly warm glow, and no globes to change - ever!  Look inside the lamp - nothing!  Super cool.

Keith Melbourne's 'I Do' bedside lamps from ... stunning.

Keith Melbourne demonstrates the super sleek 'I Do'  lamps from ... ingenious integrated LED means the inside it totally empty - just think, no globe to change, no heat emitted and no dust... coooool.

Great name!

Please pop over to the photo galleries for many more SID highlights!  ...and stay tuned for today's scheduled post, which will pop up soon (at 6.30am :)